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Porsche 968

Porsche 968

The last development stage of four-cylinder transaxle models at Porsche was initiated with the 968 in model year 1992.

Most of the body parts for the successor to the 944 S2 were adopted from the previous model. Nonetheless, the front end of the 968 in particular was much more modern – and partly anticipated the front design of the later 911 (type 993).

A six-speed manual transmission and a Tiptronic transmission were available for the 968 for the first time. This model also heralded the first use of VarioCam variable intake camshaft control.

The 968 was available as a Coupé and a Cabriolet.

Model versions

968, 968 Cabriolet (1992-95)

968, 968 Cabriolet (1992-95)

Pop-up headlights with visible lenses // Glass rear lid with rear wing in exterior colour // Front and rear aprons made of deformable plastic // Exterior mirrors in Cup design // Door handles in exterior colour // Plastic side skirts in exterior colour // All-red tail lights

Cabriolet: Rear lid made of sheet steel and fabric hood with electric frame mechanism